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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sneak Peek and Advanced Sales

For my blog readers, I thought I'd set up a sneak peek of a few items that will be on sale in the shop tomorrow. Feel free to stop in tomorrow or contact me for advanced purchases at sale prices - available only to you. Remember that some things are one of a kind pieces and may be sold out.

Some pretty posts in sterling silver and gemstone cabachons:

Were $19.50 ~ now $15

Post earrings are always a real sweet choice for a simple day or a loving gift for a friend or family member. These are bezel set by me in sterling silver and come with the earring backs.

One of a kind sterling silver pendant:
"The Boneyard"

This piece is made from bits of sterling silver and reminds me of what you'd find at a scrapyard - bits of treasure. It was $75 and will be on sale for $44. It is a one of a kind piece.

One pair of "Branching Out" earrings. There are only one pair of these and they were $34. Will be on sale for $28. They are made from sterling silver and lovely, iron pyrite.
For more deals, come see me tomorrow at: www.RockYourWire.com and check out the Rockin Birthday Sale Section or contact me in advance at rockyourwire@shaw.ca.
Let's have some fun!

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