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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally Broke Into the New ROCKS!

And this was the result. There are days when I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude that the universe has seen fit for me to do something with my time here that creates joy for myself and others. Now I know that may seem a bit lofty, after all, how important is jewellery in the grand scheme of things? I think it's very important - it has a rich and ancient history, as old as evolved humans itself, so it must be important. The need to adorn oneself is almost primal - perhaps it is our need to express our own unique view point that drives the need - who knows? Whatever it is, it is powerful and fulfilling somehow. And I'm grateful for my part in it.

Today I am also grateful for my new friend at http://garageglamorous.blogspot.com/. Lindsey blew me away with her wonderful review of my work! I am new to this - blogging, selling online, all of it, so for me - I spent yesterday walking on cloud nine because of her gracious review. Thank you, Lindsey:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I think the hardest part of online sales is how to get the best photo of my pieces. It is a particular issue when it's a 'one of a kind' piece - how much time do I invest in getting just the right photo? I've tried a light box without success, and while I'm sure that with practice it has to work (since it does for so many other folks), I don't like trying to maneuver around in the little space mine has to offer.

Yesterday I played with props for my photos and I really like the effect but I could use some feedback! I've seen some other listings with props that really distract from the jewellery and I don't know if mine detract or add to my pieces.

All feedback is appreciated - thanks :)