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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally Broke Into the New ROCKS!

And this was the result. There are days when I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude that the universe has seen fit for me to do something with my time here that creates joy for myself and others. Now I know that may seem a bit lofty, after all, how important is jewellery in the grand scheme of things? I think it's very important - it has a rich and ancient history, as old as evolved humans itself, so it must be important. The need to adorn oneself is almost primal - perhaps it is our need to express our own unique view point that drives the need - who knows? Whatever it is, it is powerful and fulfilling somehow. And I'm grateful for my part in it.

Today I am also grateful for my new friend at http://garageglamorous.blogspot.com/. Lindsey blew me away with her wonderful review of my work! I am new to this - blogging, selling online, all of it, so for me - I spent yesterday walking on cloud nine because of her gracious review. Thank you, Lindsey:)


Lindsey said...

You're quite welcome! I've been wearing my earrings and nose ring every single day since I got them.

And oh my goodness, that necklace is absolutely gorgeous! You're amazingly talented and I'm so fortunate to be able to see your work! Thank you for sharing it with the world!!

Rock Your Wire said...

The nose rings are so popular! I was actually a little surprised when they started to sell so much. I made them because I was tired of the choices for my own piercing.

The necklace - thank you! I love it, actually. I'm glad you do too. :):)